Fashion Vs. Style: What makes them different? Abdulla February 16, 2024

Fashion Vs. Style: What makes them different?

The difference between fashion and style

There’s a famous statement that has been repeated so many times throughout history that no one knows who uttered it originally.

The saying goes, “Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever”—or something like that.

The term “fashion” refers to an industry. A commercial enterprise. A seasonal cycle of design trends, garment production, and retail sales, frequently fueled by flashy marketing campaigns and designer catwalk shows designed to sell you the season’s newest trends and items.

“Style,” on the other hand, refers to a way of life. A feeling. You are capable of walking with style. You can communicate effectively. Each of us has our own distinct flair. It is how we present ourselves to the rest of the world.

Style is not a thing or a product. It is unrelated to the changing narratives of the fashion business. It all comes down to personal representation. Communication that does not include the use of words. 

Now that we’ve identified what fashion and style is , let’s delve into their differences 

So, what are the key differences between fashion and style?
1] Fashion is the relationship to the external, while Style is the relationship to the internal 

Fashion is about how we interact with the outside world, particularly what is currently trendy or stylish in society. 

It entails conforming to or aligning with external norms, such as the most recent trends and styles observed in stores or popular culture. It is more about “what’s out there” (fashion items available in stores).




Style, on the other hand, is primarily focused on an individual’s internal world.

It involves expressing one’s sense of self, identity, and perception. 

The matching process in style is about aligning what’s within—personal identity, feelings, and self-perception—with how it is reflected and expressed through clothing. 

In essence, style asks the question, “Does my clothing match my sense of who I am, at least for today?”

It emphasizes the personal and authentic connection between what one wears and their internal sense of identity.

2] Fashion is trend-driven while Style is timeless

Fashion is simply short-lived, influenced by ever shifting trends, styles, and preferences. 

What is considered stylish today may become outdated tomorrow when new trends arise. 

Fashion is strongly impacted by external circumstances, and its periodic nature frequently makes specific styles outdated over time.

Style, on the other hand, is more long-lasting and personal. 

It’s about an individual’s unique way of expressing themselves through their clothing, which tends to emerge gradually over time. 

While personal style may include current fashion trends, it frequently retains a core set of features that continuously reflect an individual’s identity and preferences. 

3] Fashion is dated, style is versatile 

Fashion tends to have a specific timeframe during which certain trends or styles are popular. 

What is considered fashionable today may become outdated or less popular in the future as new trends emerge.

For example, oversized power suits were so popular in the 1980s that wearing one today would almost always result in you being questioned whether you are cosplaying as Gordon Gekko.

Personal style, on the other hand, is more versatile and enduring. 

It can adapt to different trends, incorporate new elements, and remain relevant over time.

Style reflects an individual’s consistent and unique way of expressing themselves, showcasing adaptability without losing its fundamental essence.

4] Fashion is easy to learn, whereas style takes time to master.

When it comes to fast fashion, all it takes is to follow a trend. 

If all it takes to be fashionable is to put on a colorful windbreaker, anyone can do it as long as they’re prepared to comply and mimic what works best for others. 

A man wearing a suit based on his style

On the other hand, developing personal style involves learning about what resonates with you, refining tastes, and gaining insights into what makes you feel authentic and comfortable.

Learning and establishing your own style is a lengthy process that may never have a definite end. 

However, style invites you to learn from and adapt the sartorial norms of other well-dressed men while experimenting on your own.

5] Fashion distracts, but Style connects

Fashion can be distracting because it often changes quickly, making it hard to focus on what really matters. 

On the other hand, personal style, which is more about expressing who you really are, helps you connect with yourself and others in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

In simple terms, fashion can be like a distraction, but personal style is a way to make stronger and more genuine connections. 

Bottom Line

Additionally, those who possess great style—rather than great fashion—are the most powerful in society because they are regarded as the most confident and “in line” with who they really are.

Significantly, style is a skill as well.

It can also be developed, honed, and enhanced, just like any other skill.

You get better, and it gets easier the more you study and practice.

Therefore, our mission at Abdulla Salem is to assist you in creating your own unique sense of style.

We aim to inspire you to embrace a lifestyle that matches your dream and also live a lifestyle that is not only stylish but also true to who you are. 

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