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At The Abdulla Investment, our identity is more than just purely investment; we have more than a hundred passionate members who have come together with like minds and the same view of innovation. Being a Micro-VC by the members, we pride ourselves in the passion that we all have in supporting invention holders to turn their dreams into reality from mere dreams that any anyone with the brightest idea can develop.

It’s our pleasure to accompany and assist you from the beginning to end.
Our Comprehensive Services
Private Equity: Empowering Tomorrow's Changemakers

Our Private Equity services are perfect examples of our conviction in the champions. The goal here is to find people with their startups when the concept has gone from just being proven to be possible through a Minimum Viable Product to the actual scaling phase. Our targeted stage for investments is Seed and Series A and the technology companies we work with must show signs of very healthy growth. Our angels are people who have been involved in other funding rounds, we have investors who have been in the IT business for many years as well as very successful executives and each of them works hard, with energy and determination to help startups are realize their goals and achieve them in the shortest time possible.

Huge Funds Where Diversification Meets Excellence

Dive into the world of diversified excellence with our Huge Funds division. Whether you're an investor seeking opportunities or a founder looking to secure funding, our meticulously designed funds are tailored to your unique aspirations. With The Abdulla Investment, you're not just accessing funds; you're becoming part of a community that's committed to fostering growth and maximizing potential.

Fund of Real Estate Shaping Visions,Building Realities

Our Real Estate Fund is not just bricks and mortar, it’s a catalyst for loving, lifting, leading, learning and inspiring the future. To our investors, we open the door to the fast evolving and vastly rewarding environment of real estate investment. To the sellers, our profoundable marketing and negotiation skills contribute effectively to optimizing the value of properties. At The Abdulla Investment, we have embraced real estate as a means for development whereby the above interests demonstrate our commitment to this cause.

Our Pledge to Excellence
Expertise that Drives Success

Full service initiatives from our qualified experts and personnel with over twenty years of stock market advisory. We contribute market knowledge crucial to enabling the buyers and sellers of markets to make the right choices that would lead to achievement of their goals.

Tailored for You

The ability for You to invest reflects the general progress You have made over time to be a responsible investor. When it comes to either buying or selling, you can trust that our services integrate details such as your goal, ability to handle risks and your desired financial outcomes.

Long-Term Vision

We, at The Abdulla Investment, aim to openness and transparency in business to see that you accomplish your financial success in the long run. Efficiency in our strategic planning and in turn, the manner in which they deliver our enterprise and growth of your investments help in creating sustainable financial value.

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