Here is a glimpse into what we can do for you.

Luxury Lifestyle Dubai

Gifting and sourcing luxury items

From hunting down the perfect painting to getting the perfect wristwatch, we make all your occasional and seasonal get togethers stress free with personal shopping services that have all your backs covered for all occasions.

Assisting with Dubai luxury services

Whether you need a workout with a personal trainer endorsed by celebrities, advice with a popular interior designer, or a ride with a reputable limousine service, we provide numbers of our well-connected contacts to help release the stress of the daily challenges.

Making the unique and unusual possible- Lifestyle concierge Dubai

Have you ever fantasized about enjoying a meal while seated on an iceberg? Or riding a camel and playing polo on the hump? What about trying to survive with only the bare necessities in a trip planned exclusively for you? We give you the A-Z of what you wish – there are no odd or complicated orders with us; we make it all possible for you.

Unique and unusual requests- High-end lifestyle Dubai

Operating beyond expectations, we offer our members an extraordinary life every day. The actual and typical examples of requests that we have once served our members in the past are the dinner involving six people at home with the favorite sportsman of one of the members.

How can we help you?

Day-to-Day Administration

Whether it’s the process of buying a Pomeranian puppy, its training or finding a yoga and Pilates teacher in Milan who is willing and ready to offer private classes that would be performed at a member’s home, we do all the things at members’ place and time-consuming, so members can do what they consider to be important in the life of their beloved ones.

Gifting and personal shopping

Picture a stage where all you have to desire is possible within your possession. What it means to be a member of our family if you will is that we invest a lot of value, time and effort into you as our client. Our team of specialists is the most proficient in the worldwide sphere in terms of obtaining exclusive, hard-to-find luxury articles at the last moment. 

Here is a glimpse into what we can do for you.

Lifestyle Dubai

Lifestyle Dubai